Wednesday, April 3, 2019

How do you make paid online advertising work for your business?

Hi Everyone,

You know those little ads that appear on the sidebar or in the search results of Google?

The ‘sponsored’ posts that are in your FaceBook feed?

I hear a lot of business owners complain about money being spent on this stuff with little in the way of measurable results.

Meet Richard.

He’s a marketing expert with years of experience in helping businesses encourage buyers to take action before the days of clicking on ads. 

He knows how to make ads that get people to call, write or drive over and visit a retail store.

Nowadays, he’s helping small business owners develop the skills to properly manage online advertising on their own.

I like him because he’s teaching people how to do things the right way, he’s not pretending that only he can follow a secret recipe.

Even if you don’t do it yourself, the knowledge he passes on will help you be a better buyer of digital marketing services.

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