Monday, April 22, 2019

Can you buy a business with no money?

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Buy a Business with No Money
A few years ago, when I was beginning to make a lot of videos on YouTube, I enrolled in a program from a marketing guy in Atlanta.
In the program, I learned how to get bigger audiences on YouTube.
The secret was to figure out what people were looking for and then make a video using words in those searches.
If the video was good, the watch time, likes and shares would show YouTube that the video was a good one and it would climb up the rankings.
So, I began to poke around and see what terms people were looking for.
You know what?
There are a lot of broke people out there!
The most common search term was ‘buy a business with no money.’
So, I made a video about it… then more based on comments.  There are 4 of them now and I put them into this playlist:
In the videos, I basically show people that it’s really, really, really hard for a broke person to buy a successful, profitable business.
You can buy a business with no money down but usually this is something that existing business owners are able to do or people with other significant assets.
What amazes me though are the email messages I receive:
·         Can you help me buy a business no money down in the UK?
·         Can I really buy a business with no money?
·         Can I buy a business with no money even if I’m only 18?
It’s like they haven’t even watched the videos!
What am I doing wrong?
-or- are they confusing me with someone else?
There are several people online who promise to be able to show desperate people how they can buy a successful business in as little as 90 days with no money.
But it’ll cost you several thousand dollars to learn their secrets.
I, on the other hand, don’t offer any magical beans.
If you are able to manage your finances, take care of your bills on time and have some savings accumulated then you’re the right candidate for my programs… which start at under $500 even if you add the optional one-on-one call.
I’ll teach you how you can buy a business in a way that manages risk and makes sense.
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