Thursday, September 11, 2014

Entrepreneurs in need of capital have limited options

I spent some time this morning poking around the small business finance articles on

What struck me was the fact that many of them simply repeat the same information over and over... 

Basically they say that entrepreneurs can get money from:
1. Themselves
2. Friends and Families
3. Banks/leasing companies
4. Investors

We all know that banks are highly unlikely to lend money to many small business entrepreneurs.  When they do, they insist on lending to the entrepreneur themselves, who in turn put the money into their business.

I would argue that this is really money from item 1 above instead of 3 since the bank considers the individual to be their client.

When it comes to true outside sources of capital for small businesses, the small business entrepreneur is often limited to items 2 and 4.

These are the roles that you can fill and Invest Local shows you how.  Earn superior returns without taking on big risk.

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