Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Great book review on Goodreads.com

Another great review of Invest Local. Have you bought your copy yet??

This one was posted on Goodreads.com, a very comprehensive book review site.

I read Invest Local and I learned a lot. It was a re-education about savvy investing. I didn't realize it but I have always sort of been under the influence of the financial system. I really didn't think about other ways I could invest my money outside of RRSP's, mutual funds, TFSA etc... And your book really opened my mind to think about better ways to invest that would actually give me more control over where and how my money is invested. Some of the suggestions in the book seemed very traditional even old fashioned ideas about investing. I love it! In my view investing in a local business is great! We all know how getting money from the banks can be an uphill battle and in a lot of cases simply because of the prohibitive policies and regulations they have in place.

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