Sunday, September 25, 2016

'Just put in more money' - The truth about increasing equity when buying a business - David C Barnett

The seller's accountant Says, ‘You just need to put more money in.’ 

I have a client who is negotiating for a business which is overpriced. 

He’s demonstrated that the business will not cash flow for him after servicing debt and taking a reasonable salary for the value of his work.

The seller’s accountant has said, ‘the buyer just needs to put in more of his own money.’

I made this video to show how that doesn’t make sense at all:

It’s got a little math, but it’s not too difficult.

The point of the matter is that equity (a business owner or buyer’s cash) actually demands a higher rate of return than debt.

This is because it’s riskier.  Lenders get paid first in the event of a liquidation.

If you put in more of your own money, you actually need an EVEN HIGHER rate of return.
Watch the video.

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