Sunday, December 11, 2016

Stoopid Rules of Thumb. The Story of the 5X Accountant. How To Sell a Business

Yes, I know how to spell ‘stupid,’ please don’t e-mail me.

I’m cranky and sore and upset.  I’ve got a cold and an ear infection. 

What makes me more cranky and upset is when I hear the same poor advice about rules of thumb for pricing small businesses being passed around again and again and again.

This week I tell the story of the old accountant who told me once in a workshop, ‘Businesses sell for 5 times their cash flow.  Those with real estate sell, those without don’t.’

Simplistic rules of thumb like this one guarantee only one thing… mistakes are being made and it’s costing someone dearly.

I explain why those with real estate sell, those without don’t in this video and the answer will make you sick to your stomach if you happen to be a business owner who could have fallen victim to this kind of advice.  Watch it here:

If you own a business and will want to sell one day, you need to educate yourself about how this process works and give yourself time to get ready.

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