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  1. April 2023 Live - Dodging Bone-Crushing business debts without going to court!
  2. March 2023 Live - Due-Diligence and Quality of Earnings Reports
  3. March 2023 Live - Small Business deal author and attorney joins David Live!
  4. March 2023 Live - Interest Rates threatening Deals?
  5. February 2023 ENCORE Interview!! LIVE- Lisa Forrest shares SBA Business Acquisition Loan Secrets.
  6. January 2023 Live - Small Biz your way to the USA!
  7. January 2023 Live - An easier way to save on contracts with Wesley E. Henderson
  8. January 2023 Live - Licensing an Empire!!!
  9. January 2023 Live - Bookkeeping and Buying a professional service co when you’re not a practitioner
  10. December 2022 David's 2022 Live Christmas Eve Special
  11. December 2022 Live - Can’t afford a CFO? Buy a Piece!
  12. December 2022 Live - Hiring the right Salesperson
  13. November 2022 Live - Studying careers and journeys in business with Gavin Jocius!
  14. November 2022 Live - Inflation and long-term low risk returns with Mark Willis
  15. November 2022 Live-Storytelling and the art of Small Business with Steve Baltzois
  16. October 2022 Live How to Steal Money in a Small Business with Rick Nicholson
  17. October 2022 LIVE Exit Squad Update with Mike Finger
  18. September 2022 Live- Buy a Business and Put someone else in charge!
  19. September 2022 Live - Can you really build a successful business by ignoring the majority of the market?
  20. August 2022 Live - Using the Media to increase awareness and find customers with Guest Janet Falk
  21. July 2022 Live -With Guest Mason Harris Enough Chutzpah to be the boss?
  22. June 2022 Live - The Super-Hero reality of Exiting your Small Business with Mike Finger
  23. June 2022 LIVE The power of podcasting for non-podcasters with Guest Cliff Duvernois
  24. June 2022 LIVE- Get Business Brokers to take you seriously. Secrets Revealed! with Steven Beal
  25. May 2022 Live- How the Pandemic has affected Peer to Peer SME Lending- AND tools to handle FX easily.
  26. April 2022 LIVE- Lisa Forrest shares SBA Business Acquisition Loan Secrets.
  27. April 2022 LIVE - Franchising in a post-covid world discussion with Giuseppe Grammatico
  28. February 2022 LIVE- Business Help. What's the difference-Advisor, Coach, Consultant, Mentor?
  29. February 2022 LIVE-What if business owners lack the Vision or Intention to Exit? Could that be their problem?
  30. December 2021 John Mill and I discuss strategic exits to sell your business for more!
  31. November 2021 Jeff Alpaugh and I discuss his journey into business and surviving the pandemic in Retail.
  32. November 2021 Incentivize employees and achieve goals via life insurance?
  33. July 2021 Live: Join me as I discuss iteration and innovation in business, plus lessons from 3+ decades of coaching with Mitch Russo
  34. June 2021 Live: Join me as I discuss protecting your business reputation from cancel culture with Sara Christensen
  35. May 2021 Live: Join me as I discuss legal strategies to protect your assets with Scott Smith of Royal Legal Solutions
  36. April 2021 Live: Join me as I discuss making more money & doing the right thing in business with Jeff Morrill
  37. March 2021 LIVE-Buying Small Online Businesses with Jaryd Krause
  38. March 2021 LIVE-Will there be Small Business Deals created by the Covid Recession?
  39. March 2021 LIVE- Who won the maple basket?
  40. February 2021 LIVE- Sell your Small Business to a Private Equity Firm!
  41. February 2021 LIVE- Can Minimalism Help you Succeed in Business?
  42. January 2021 LIVE- Yat-Long gets David on Podcasts!
  43. January 2021 LIVE- New course, weight loss and a team mate! DIY Incorporations
  44. December 2020 LIVE- The Holiday Week Stretch!
  45. December 2020 LIVE- David's Holly Jolly Xmas Eve 2020 Party
  46. December 2020 LIVE- My Bitcoin Opinion and Xmas Specials
  47. December 2020 LIVE- What Bankers Think of the 2021 Economy- Behaviour forecast. 2021 forecast
  48. December 2020 LIVE- Can a 22 year old have the credibility to buy a business?
  49. November 2020 LIVE- Avoid the Mushy Middle with Rick Nicholson- Also Fire insurance claim on restaurant
  50. November 2020 LIVE- Private Equity, Shopping, Hotels & Buying dissimilar businesses
  51. November 2020 Learn to put Profit First - Small Business Cash Management with Rocky Lalvani
  52. November 2020 David buys life insurance and why it makes sense for other entrepreneurs with Mark Willis
  53. October 2020 Myths about small business #3. This week: taxes, customers, prices, operations, absentee owners 
  54. October 2020 Mid-Market Rollover Exit strategy discussed with attorney Trevor Crow potential dangers for sellers
  55. October 2020 Tough Questions about Franchises. Are they right for you?
  56. October 2020 Can Business Brokerage become better? A discussion with Zoran Sarabaca
  57. September 2020 Myths about small business #2. More cliches about people, partners, masterminds, hiring and more.
  58. September 2020 Buying and selling restoration businesses with expert Guest JT Kraai
  59. July 2020 I talk due-diligence of online assets with Brian Diener from Centurica.
  60. July 2020 What can we learn by analyzing the data of the Business For Sale market? With Clinton Lee.
  61. July 2020 What business owners/sellers should be thinking about retirement planning... with Justin Goodbread
  62. June 2020 Spotting problems with franchises with Joel Libava- The Franchise King.
  63. June 2020 Shahara Wright. Texas Small Business Attorney on changing agreements during the Covid-19 Recession.
  64. May 2020 Managing collections and getting paid with Stephen King. Manage your SME.
  65. May 2020 Raising funding from Family Offices with Richard Wilson- How to Buy a Business
  66. April 2020 Doing what it takes for businesses to survive Covid-19 with Marco Robert


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